The world's only congress on Petroleum - Coal - Gas industry with a focus on Synergy for Energy
Fifth World PetroCoal Congress 2015 "Petroleum-Coal-Gas: Enhancing Production and Productivity"
New Delhi, India
Global Excellence Award 2015
Plenary Sessions   Plenary Sessions
  Plenary Sessions
Fourth World PetroCoal Congress 2014 "Energy, Environment, Efficiency, Equity & Entrepreneurship for a Greener Planet"
New Delhi, India
  Global Awards 2015
Third World PetroCoal Congress 2013 "Fossil Fuels for Greener Growth : Challenges and Opportunities"
New Delhi, India
Third World Petrocoal Congress - 2013
Second World PetroCoal Congress 2012 "Synergy for Energy : Powering the Future – for Sustainable Development", New Delhi, India
Second World Petrocoal Congress - 2012
World Pertrocoal Congress 2011, 13th-15th February, New Delhi, India
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