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WPCC-2024 Now Accepting Abstracts
Abstract Submitting
Deadline for Submission: January 31, 2024

full paper before January 15, 2024

Share your experience and expertise with a top-level audience at the 14th World PetroCoal Congress-2024.

The Technical and Programme Committee invites papers from all countries worldwide that deal with technical solutions to problems; specific strategies, projects; innovations; industry trends; and / or regulatory compliance. Our goal is to present an extensive overview of emerging, evolving and innovative technologies, fuels and / or equipment in the Petroleum-Coal industries through the presentation of accomplishments, opportunities and challenges.

The event attracts Petroleum, Gas and Coal industry decision-makers eager to answer questions related to technical, market and regulatory framework and practical problems, technology issues focus on production of hydrocarbons from conventional and non-conventional sources such as high-potential gas resources in shales, tar sands, coalbeds and coal gasification, coal supply and demand issues, global market and clean coal technology cooperation, carbon capture and storage and sustainability strategies.

To be a part of the program, submit an abstract by January 15, 2024.
  • Paper presentation should be in English, crisp, add latest knowledge and last not more than 15 minutes duration. A 5-10 minute discussion will follow each presentation.
  • The Technical and Programme Committee of experts of WPCC-2024 will examine, review and select papers based on the abstracts submitted.
  • Paper should be original and non-commercial. It should address technical, business and regulatory issues, cutting-edge-technologies, case histories on focus areas and topics mentioned below.

Focus Areas:
  • New exploration challenges : Current perspectives of Petroleum and Coal Resources
  • New Technologies in Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Biomarkers & Isotopes, Source Rocks
  • 3D Scismic Imaging
  • Drilling & Downhole Technology
  • Oil & Gas Production Challenges : Breakthrough in Technologies for Production Optimization
  • Deep and Ultra-deep Offshore Development
  • Offshore Processing, Storage and Transport
  • Cross Country Pipelines
  • Non-Conventional Hydrocarbons : CBM, Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates, Heavy Oils and Oil Sands
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Technologies
  • Refining Technology, Petrochemicals and Polymers
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Advances in Petrochemical Technology
  • Lubricants & Fuel Technology
  • LNG Trade, Floating, Regasification
  • Natural Gas: Liquefaction and Shipping
  • Pipelines, Transportation of Oil and Gas
  • R&D and New Technologies
  • Coal blocks - Development in India, Australia, Indonesia & South Africa
  • Coal Imports
  • Coal Mining Equipments
  • Earth Movers & Cranes
  • Clean Coal Technologies (CCT)
  • Coal Trading and Risk Management
  • Coal Washing, Dry Coal Cleaning, Ultra-super Critical Boilers
  • Coal Logistics and Transportation - Railways and Shipping Ports
  • Coal Combustion Technologies
  • Coal Gasification
    • Underground Coal Gasification (UCG)
    • Surface Coal Gasification (SCG)
    • Gasification Technology for High Ash Indian Coal
    • Gasification at Refineries
  • Metcoal in Steel Production
  • Petcoke
  • Thermal Coal in Power Generation
  • Coal in Cement Industry
  • Coal as source of Petroleum and Petrochemicals
  • Coal Liquefaction and Syn Crude
  • Coal usage, environmental problems
  • Quality, Health, Safety and Environment :
    • Environmental Technology and Management
    • Carbon Foot Prints, CDM and Carbon Management
    • Carbon Capture and Storage Advances
  • Risk management in coal mining
  • Industrial Corridor
  • Crisis Management and Emergency Response
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Commitment towards safer Society

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